Special Procedures During COVID-19 Situation in Arequipay Hostel

It is of great importance to us that your trip is an unforgettable experience, in a positive sense. To take care of the current Corona Virus (COVID-19) situation we have some important Do’s and Don’ts to prevent the spreading of the virus. While we do not want to cause panic, we see this as a precautionary measure to help you prepare as well as possible for your upcoming trip

What will we do to protect our guests and staff?


  • We have increase daily cleaning and disinfection of all common areas, surfaces and guests rooms. We are paying particular attention to door knobs/handles, light switches, desktops, washrooms and other high touch surfaces.
  • Disinfection and/or disinfectant soap is available in all washrooms. Also in all common areas, bedrooms and entrance there will be alcohol in spray.
  • Immediately after entering Arequipay, you must close the gate and security door, then you must disinfect your shoes (you will find bleach spray) or you must change to clean shoes. Later in reception you will find alcohol spray to disinfect your hands. DOING THIS PROCEDURE IS MANDATORY. Unfortunately, if we detect that it is not done on the cameras, we will have to invite you to check out. With this measure we seek to minimize the possibility of contagion among our guests.
  • When coming up the stairs , if you are able, please avoid using the handrails.
  • In your room, you will find only the beds you have reserved are available. Other beds will be covered with plastic. Do not switch beds without approval from our staff.
  • Your bed will be made with clean sheets, blanket and pillow. In each room there will be alcohol spray. Although we have sanitized your bed and all surfaces in the room, feel free to sanitize the bed frame again. We ask that you use the alcohol spray that is in the room on any door knobs and handles you touch in the hostel.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds at this time, whenever you come back to the hostel and as often as possible.


  • We have radically reduced the number of available beds in our hostel so our guests can maintain social distancing (1.5 meters). We will have only 5 private rooms and 3 4-bed dorm available in each room.
  • At the moment, AREQUIPAY will have reduced staff (there will be a person at the reception every morning from 7 am until 12 30 pm. Therefore, when you make a reservation you must inform your arrival time, WhatsApp number and photo of your document of identity or passport.
  • If your arrival time changes you must inform your new arrival time by whatsapp so we can organize someone of the staff will be at your check in time.
  • We will have a whatsApp group between our guests and a staff person as administrator, therefore we will add your phone in the whatsApp group which will also be removed once the check out is done.
  • We are installing a smart door lock to allow the entry and exit of our guests (the entrance of people who are not our guests will be prohibited)
  • When you do check in we will take the temperature of all our guests and this procedure will be carried out daily. People with high temperature or any symptom of COVID will not be accepted


  • We ask that all guests maintain social distancing of at least from each other and from housemates.
  • If you need to touch a door knob, handle or another surface, use your cleaning towels and alcohol spray before and after your touch.
  • Facial masks are now required in Peru, so it will be mandatory to wear one during your stay with us.
  • Only two people is allowed in the kitchen at a time. Please wash your utensils, dishes and use your alcohol spray on all surfaces immediately before and after using the kitchen. Inform 30 minutes in advance to use it in the whatsaap group.
  • In addition to the kitchen our other common areas are: two TV areas (maximum should be 3 people), living room with Pool Table (maximum 2 people), mini gym area with runner (only 1 person), so if you want to do use of any of them also inform the whatsapp group.


  • Use a face covering when outside the hostel.
  • Maintain social distancing from others on the street.
  • Follow social distancing instructions and store protocols when shopping for food and other essential items.

If you have any questions please contact us whatsapp +51981662215.
Thanks for helping us slow the spread of COVID-19.